What's uniq.?
We are a brand and digital
creative agency

Welcome, we are three designers specialized in different areas who have come together to offer the best service to any brand that is committed to having an attractive, coherent and decisive image. Our agency is based in Barcelona, from where we propose the strategy of each corporate identity to give it its personal and differential touch with respect to its competition.

We are dedicated to the creation of digital products. We have worked on different interesting projects for companies, teams, people, etc. We believe that every change is an opportunity to learn something new, adapt and grow. Likewise, we are convinced that great design cannot happen without passion, intelligence and, above all, personal commitment.

Furthermore, we are committed to all those brands that believe in the value of having a powerful image capable of transmitting the values that identify it, so if your brand meets these characteristics, then we are the best option. Let us give it the importance it deserves.

Our Services

Corporate Identity

Do you have an idea, product or service? Our intention is to exploit the maximum potential
for it to be different, relevant and sexy. We are going to mark a path where we will understand and define the strategic aspects most important to ensure that your idea becomes a success.

Web Design

We study, design and develop a virtual space based on customer needs, user experience
and the maximum possible optimization so that your idea, product or service can shine to
the fullest.


Do you need to change the essence of your brand? Whether due to a business change, a merger or a new opportunity for brand evolution, it will be necessary to rework its positioning to arrive at the new value proposition. In the end, the important thing is not to lose the value of our brand and connect with its consumers.


At uniq we want to reflect what your idea or project means to you, so that everyone can
see its true appearance. We have a recording team, video montage and motion, so that we
can show off your maximum potential.


Resolute design for products or displays. Keeping coherence with the brand, with the best
design also respecting all the relevant characteristics of the packaging.


Finally, we can also take care of apparel design if your project is related to fashion or you
simply want to add a merchandising section for your brand.


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